15 Modern Carport Ideas

If you’re thinking about renovating a dated carport or constructing a new one, these modern designs are sure to inspire you.

Street View of Residence: Sharp Razor Edge Roof is a dramatic Formal Gesture

Carports are shelters for cars and other vehicles. They can be attached to houses or freestanding structures, providing protection from the elements, easy access, and ventilation. Carports were very popular in the 1950s and 1960s with the rise of suburban living, and many homes still have them today. Modern carport designs often feature sleek lines, contemporary materials, and stylish finishes to enhance their overall aesthetic appeal. If you’re looking to update your carport or add one to your home, check out these driveways first for inspiration.

1. Dual-purpose

This 1850s farmhouse was renovated in 2006 by designer and owner Dirk Wynants, who strived to preserve as much of the original structure as possible while adding modern amenities. The home features a concrete carport built into the lower level of the home. The vehicles are safely stored at the basement level, while the top of the carport provides a patio area for the home. With its seamless integration into the home, it showcases how a carport can be both practical and attractive. 

Atop the carport is a Hopper table and shade by Extremis.

Atop the carport is a Hopper table and shade by Extremis.

Photo: Michael Graydon + Nikole Herriott

2. Modular 

Modular homes have come a long way, and this New Jersey home proves that an open prefab structure can be stylish. The owner wanted a modern lake home without the fuss of a custom build. She consulted Resolution: 4 Architecture, who granted her request for an open prefabricated structure with custom touches. The open floor plan with large windows offers plenty of lake views, and an integrated carport seamlessly integrates with the prefab home’s design. 

A Lakeside Prefab in New Jersey

A New Zealand expat and her son use their prefabricated lakeside New Jersey retreat as an outdoorsy counterpoint to city life.

Photo by: Mark Mahaney

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A Lakeside Prefab in New Jersey.

Photo: Mark Mahaney

3. California Ranch 

This prefab home got a facelift when real estate broker Adrian Kinney and his partner purchased it in 2013. It was originally one of 170 prefabs manufactured by Cliff May Homes in 1955. Updates include full-height glass windows, new wood paneling, and refinished original oak floors. Along with the updates, the original post-and-beam carport was updated with a lockable storage shed and a uniquely designed, remote-controlled gate.   

From the street, large trees provide shade to the private courtyard in the summer. A unique remote-controlled gate has been added to the house’s original carport. A new address monument matches the angle of the house’s roof.

A unique remote-controlled gate has been added to the house’s original carport. 

Photo: Atom Stevens Photography

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